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Yriy Romanyk
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  Character is the perfect solution for your game or in a mob-style casual design. Using high polygonal model as a basis, you can modify or change the character of your project on the unreal edition or unity. The model is ready for animation

The character has a Hipoly model for subdivision in zbrush

additionally there lowpoly model with textures 4096x4096 and the number of triangles of 20 000

Areas of use

You have the right to use the model for personal projects. Changing and modifying the model. Use hipoly model for 3D printing personal purposes. The character perfectly suited for working of the gameplay in your Projects. He also is the basis for the future hero of your game or video clips.


- Before using model for shader PBR it wants to create textures from base complitly map. Or create news from hipoly.


+ .RAR _hipoly model_Sword (.ztl)

+ .RAR _hipoly model_Warrior (.ztl)

+ .RAR _lowpoly model_Warrior_Sword (.fbx .obj )

             -texture complitly map 4k (.tga)

+ .JPG render exempls

Terms of use

You have the right to use fully or partially the character in commercial game projects with reference to the author.

To replicate the character through 3D printing is required to contact the author at:

You have the right to use a character full or in part for educational purposes or for video clips.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to write me,

I will be happy to answer! romanyukyury@gmail.com

I want this!